Marketing Strategy

Splend workshop voor marketeers

Have you drafted a marketing strategy or marketing plan and are curious if you are thinking along the right lines? Or have you yet to start and just want to have a chat and/or validate your ideas? Of course you can. We like to think along with you and examine:

  • Your organization
  • Target group
  • Value proposition
  • Marketing activities (online and offline)
  • PR, partners and/or events
  • KPI’s
  • Budget and ROI

When might this be for you

You’ve already come a long way in devising your strategy, you just want to exchange ideas with a like-minded person. Someone who not only understands marketing but also understands your product or service and can visualize your target group.

It’s been a while since you drew up a marketing plan. You know what you want to describe, but before you start you wonder if your interpretation is more or less correct.

Your strategy or plan is ready. You stand by the subjects and marketing activities. You just want to know: are my plans feasible in the timeframe and with the budget you had in mind. And are the KPIs realistic?

Splend workshop marketeers

Practical information

  • Duration:  2 hours
  • Cost:  € 495,-
  • Location: our office in Utrecht

Yes, I want a customized marketing plan

Yes, I’d like to spar about my marketing approach and stop by for a brainstorm and a plan with guts.

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