A popular and effective content format among b2b marketers is a webinar. A webinar is a (live) broadcast over the Internet. You have recorded the webinar in advance and provide it at a later time or you attend live. Through a webinar you can highlight your products and services, explain them or discuss a topic that is relevant to your target audience. You can give online presentations using slides (with voice over) or appear on screen as a presenter yourself, for instance together with guest speakers.

Generate leads with a webinar

By means of interesting webinars suitable for your target group, you increase your online visibility. By transferring your knowledge and expertise you create value for your target audience. In this way you generate online leads and involvement with your target group.

Alternative for events

Door middel van interessante webinars passend bij de doelgroep vergroot je je online zichtbaarheid. Door je kennis en expertise over te brengen creëer je waarde voor je doelgroep. Op deze manier geneer je online leads én betrokkenheid met je doelgroep.


100 registrations in just 2 weeks: NBIP’s webinar on DDoS attacks in 2020 was a resounding success. Watch the webinar at your leisure!

Fully facilitated webinars

We make sure your webinar is a success. We take care of the entire organization: from location to subject, from decoration & technology to program and from presentations to registration page. Have we discussed everything and is the subject a solid one? Then we will start the promotion for you. We help you both in the start-up phase and afterwards. A technician and online (event) marketer are present at every broadcast and together they guide the listeners, speakers and the webinar.



Are you organizing an event with many visitors and multiple speakers? Then you start with a plan of action, the same goes for webinars. A webinar, large or small, also requires thorough preparation and a detailed content strategy for promotion and follow-up. We think along with you about: the goal, topic, content, target group, technology, marketing and lead acquisition.


Afterwards, we evaluate the webinar. Are the goals achieved? What content can we develop further? After all, it’s a content form that you can continue with your content strategy. So we also provide appropriate content afterwards, think of a substantive white paper, an in-depth ebook or blog. This is how we guide leads through the sales funnel.

Splend webinar in 3 variants


Slides & voice-over

A webinar consisting solely of slides and a voice-over. The visual slides enhance the presentation. If you opt for this option, images are absolutely essential for your story, for example figures, graphs or instructions. These webinars can be used more frequently.


Live production & recording

A live broadcast webinar where the speaker is on screen (in combination with slides). This is a more intimate form of a webinar where live interaction is possible and participants can pose questions. You are close to the target audience with this method.


3 webinars in 1 day

Occasionally one webinar is not enough and you might want to create a series of webinars in advance. Then the variant 3 webinars in 1 day is for you! We will record 3 separate webinars together in 1 day. These will then be offered at a desired time at a later stage.

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