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B2B is really all about being found. There are several ways to do so, the most effective being your online findability. Do you know if your target audience is able to find your services or products? And is your website indexed optimally by search engines?

With an SEO Quickscan you will get an insight into your online findability and the areas of improvement of your website. Based on 3 pillars, Splend will perform a manual scan in which your website will be checked on dozens of important aspects through different tools. You’ll receive the results and recommendations in a clear report.

Choosing SEO or SEA

Are you going for organic search engine advertising (SEO) or paid search engine advertising (SEA)? If you have a website that offers relatively little content, it will probably be indexed less often by Google. In general, we therefore focus on SEA in the first instance. Gradually, we provide more relevant content on which you are found easily, or SEO. Then we gradually reduce the investment in advertising.

Kiezen voor SEO of SEA
Splend SEO pijlers

The three B2B SEO pillars of Splend

We conduct a small-scale keyword research. All texts, images and videos are assessed against the outcome of this research.

This is where we dive deeper into the technical elements that will ensure that search engines like Google understand your website.

We look at existing links to your website. Are these links of good quality? Are there still areas of improvement?

How can we help you grow?

Website Quality Audit

During the WQA we evaluate the quality of your website content. You can consider it as a health check of your website.

Technical Audit

During the Technical Audit we analyze your website on all technical levels and make action-oriented suggestions that will increase organic search traffic.

Keyword research

Together we determine which keywords your website or page will be found on. We then compare these with competitors in your industry.

On page adjustments

Our content specialists write new content or optimize existing pages so you will quickly be found by potential customers.

Set up campaigns

You want to generate leads through your website. Splend thinks along and creates solid marketing campaigns that generate interesting leads.

Data analysis & testing

Our data analysts analyze your marketing activities, suggest areas of improvement and help you take the next step.


Request an SEO or SEA quickscan



SEO check

Do you want an optimized website? Then schedule an SEO check with one of our experts. We understand the front and back end of your website and give advice on SEO optimization. You will receive a clear list of adjustments.


Marketing plan

Do you have a marketing plan or have not yet launched one? We are more than happy to think along with you. We offer a personal workshop in which you can draw up a marketing plan with confidence, in collaboration with us. Have you completed your plan and want to test it? No problem, a review session is scheduled in no time.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is beyond the hype and a widely used marketing method. Also in B2B. Are you curious how marketing automation can work for you, what an automation flow looks like and how you can use it to acquire high-quality leads? Sign up for a workshop.

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