Marketing for DHPA

  Marketing for DHPA The DHPA foundation is a collaboration of market-leading hosting and cloud providers and dito suppliers. In recent decades, this sector has become an important factor [...]

Speaker for Emerce events

  Speakers for Emerce events We regularly assemble the editorial programme for Emerce events. This is where our love for technology, innovation, marketing and business comes together. We are [...]

Event for Arrow ECS

  Arrow Partner Connect For Arrow, we designed and organized their own new event: Arrow Partner Connect. From website to invitation and from location to catering, everything was our [...]

Netherlands goes World Hosting Days

  Netherlands Goes WHD De World Hosting Days (WHD) The World Hosting Days (WHD) in the German town Rust is a must for the Dutch internet sector. This three-day event attracts 6000 visitors [...]

Event Future skills for Digital Economy

  Getting more girls and women interested in IT The Internet sector is growing fast. But if we can’t reach half of the labour market, we won’t be able to keep up with this [...]

Festival for DHPA

  DHPA TechFest On 17 May 2017, the DHPA brought together movers and shakers of the digital sector during the first real festival for and by the hosting and internet industry: DHPA [...]

Stand concept NLDC

  Stand concept NLDC NLDC was given a stand reminiscent of a museum hall. On a large wall we showed famous – animated – paintings, all by Dutch Masters. NLDC distinguishes itself [...]

Event: Holland Strikes Back

Holland Strikes Back The Internet has become an all-encompassing dimension in our daily lives, with all the risks that this entails. Cybercrime is becoming increasingly sophisticated: stealing [...]