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Splend marketing automation

You would like to generate leads via your website. Ideally, of course, fully automated so that you can concentrate on business processes, professionalizing your product or service or spending your time on sales and other marketing initiatives. With marketing automation, the lead generation process is partly automated. It ensures that visitors are easily guided through the buyer journey.

We will begin with a baseline measurement: how does your website currently perform? We focus on the art of online seduction for B2B. Subsequently, we come up with straightforward recommendations on how to improve the website.

How does marketing automation work

Using marketing automation, you can supply relevant information at the right time based on click and read behavior. Before you get to that point, there is some thought required. Because who needs which information, and when within the purchase process? The result is a personal buyer journey. Every visitor enters the site at a different time and is then led to the right content based on his or her interests.

For example, your visitors read e-mails immediately, click on a blog, download a white paper or sign up for a webinar. Each action earns the visitor points. The more interaction, the more points. The visitor doesn’t notice any of this. You do however, you are able to see your lead list grow. If a visitor has accumulated a lot of points, you can almost be sure that he or she is interested in your offer. That’ s exactly when it’s time to get in touch personally.

Managed marketing automation

We set up a complete marketing automation script based on so-called personas and the content (created by us). By means of e-mails or pop-ups on your website, content is presented to the target group. We make sure your website can be found using Google Ads.

Splend manages the entire process and delivers valuable leads. All you have to do is follow up on these contacts personally. Based on the click and read behavior, we’ll tweak the campaign where needed.

Data analysis & testing

Marketing automation is not just about broadcasting information. It also serves as a research mechanism. By researching leads and analyzing online behavior, marketing activities can be made measurable and both messaging and content can be continually tweaked.



Website conversion

There is a major name in marketing circles that you really should be introduced to: Robert Cialdini. He combines his knowledge of psychology with marketing. With a practical template, we’ll get to work together.


Funnel & automation

We’ll show you how to automate your marketing activities. In a one-on-one session, we’ll dive into the content and work out several automated campaigns.


Content calendar in 1 day

Composing a content calendar seems simple. You come up with some topics and you’re ready to get going, right? Not quite. After all, how do you make sure topics follow each other in a logical order? And have you thought about a distinct call to action?

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