For many years we have been organising big and small events. From exhibitions and conferences to networking drinks, round table discussions and even sailing contests: we make sure every event becomes a success.

Event Marketing

Networking during conferences or a drink can be very valuable. But you have to be sure the event fits the audience, the contents of the event have to be solid and the design needs to support your message. We take care of the organising everything: from location to speakers, from sponsors to catering and from theme to stand and event website.

Valuable encounters
In B2B marketing personal contact is essential. We’re talking about custom and/or sustainable solutions and large sums of money. That’s why it’s so important to get to know leads and keep meeting your loyal customers during networking events.

Content creation
An event is an one-time occurrence. It would be a shame if it stayed that way. In addition to organising your event, we also report about them. Our content specialists produce an energetic and substantial article, white paper or report of the event – in which we process interviews with attendees and/or speakers. This content is being distributed again afterwards and can be used as a source to external media.