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Meet Team Splend

Michiel Cazemier Managing Partner +31 6 24155553 +31 30 7603322
Gaby Dam Managing Partner +31 6 16235833 +31 30 7603322
Pim Kokke Content Marketeer +31 6 39125611 +31 30 7603322
Payam Khalifa Jr. Marketeer +31 6 30481402 +31 30 7603322
Sam Zondervan
Sam Zondervan Designer +31 30 7603322

About us

This is where a technical heart is pounding. We know a lot about IT, the cloud and the internet. We know how to make the right connections and understand how your service or product works. It is equally clear to us how we can best reach your target group. Seven years ago, Michiel and Gaby started Splend. Both have earned their stripes in the IT sector. Gaby as a B2B marketer and Michiel as a system and network administrator, later becoming a product manager for a distributor. Now the team consists of 7 creative, headstrong and above all enthusiastic marketers.



marketing plan

Do you have a marketing plan or have yet to start? We are happy to think along with you. We provide a personal workshop in which you work with us to create a marketing plan with guts.

Content calendar in 1 day

Putting together a content calendar seems easy. You come up with some topics and you’re ready to get started, right? Not quite. Because how do you make sure topics follow each other logically?

funnel & automation

We’ll show you how to automate your marketing activities. In a one-on-one session, we’ll dive into the content and work out some automated campaigns.

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