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The target audience knows where to look for your website. Which is good stuff. But do they also find what they are looking for through your website? Do they click on different articles, subscribe to an event or newsletter? Do they download a white paper or request information? And do leads subsequently become customers? In short, what is the current status regarding your online conversion?

We would love to start with a baseline measurement: how does your website actually perform at this moment in time? Afterwards, we come up with transparent steps to improve the website. We focus on the art of online seduction for B2B.

Conversion in the IT sector

In IT, we are not referring to short-run products. The well-known online seduction techniques that you may be familiar with from bol.com or booking.com do not apply here. Your product or service requires a large investment. That may be in time, money, knowledge or all three. That’s why conversion optimization for B2B companies is slightly different than what you are used to and why we prefer to entice based on content, for instance.

Analysis & testing

We first determine what you would like to achieve. What exactly is conversion and when are you satisfied? To optimize your website, app, portal or direct email, we need data. More specifically, information about the search, read and click behavior. Through research we determine where improvements can be made and make the right adjustments. Then we test our assumptions and, if necessary, fine-tune them.

Marketing automation

Your knowledge is organized and categorized into different phases of the buyer journey. We distinguish which information is intended for leads in the orientation phase, information that is relevant for potential customers who have almost made their decision and which extras are intended for loyal customers.

On this basis, content is created that persuades your target group to take action. This content is then automatically presented at the right time. For example, via e-mail or pop-ups after downloading a white paper.

The goal: visitors become potential leads, leads become interested contacts and contacts become customers.

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Website conversion

There is a major name in marketing circles that you really should be introduced to: Robert Cialdini. He combines his knowledge of psychology with marketing. With a practical template, we’ll get to work together.


funnel & automation

We’ll show you how to automate your marketing activities. In a one-on-one session, we’ll dive into the content and work out several automated campaigns.


SEO check

Looking for an optimized website? Then schedule an SEO check with one of our experts. We provide advice in the field of SEO optimization. You will then receive a comprehensive list of recommended changes.

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