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Provide structurally relevant information. With strong and appealing content. That is what makes your brand an authority. Why does this approach work that well? The answer is simple: with content marketing you approach the B2B target group with valuable information that they have been looking for. We don’t focus on (commercial) information you wish to distribute. Not your brand, but the target group is key.

Content creation

We frequently write blogs, articles, opinion pieces, and press releases, white papers, (research) reports, and ebooks. Online content such as website texts, landing pages, direct e-mails or social media messages are also part of our expertise. We handle animations, infographics, advertisements, photography and video as well.

After an interview and desk research, we get straight to work. Because we have all the expertise in modern IT, content creation goes smoothly. Of course we take into account the findability in the search engines.

Content strategy


Before the target group opts for you, a lot of hard work has been invested in building a (trusting) relationship. To win that trust, we first get to know the target group thoroughly. After that we record their characteristics in personas. In these personas we describe the pain points, successes and wishes, or we specify how your target group prefers to obtain specific information. This understanding comes in handy when writing and designing the content.


What do you want to achieve in the forthcoming period? More sales calls or a large number of registrations for an event? Or are you assisted by getting more downloads of a research report? Together we make your objectives feasible. All content we create for you is measured by us on completion. We usually ask ourselves two questions: did we reach your goal and can we sharpen the content strategy?

Management: Content calendar

Using the previously established personas and goals, we define the topics and themes we will be writing about on behalf of you. These ideas – along with the KPIs – are documented in a content calendar. It provides a convenient toolset for both writing and planning.

Do you want to work with a content calendar yourself but don’t know where to start?
Then schedule a workshop.

Splend contentkalender

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Content calendar in 1 day

Composing a content calendar seems simple. You come up with some topics and you’re ready to get going, right? Not quite. After all, how do you make sure topics follow each other in a logical order? And have you thought about a distinct call to action?


marketing plan

Do you have a marketing plan or have not yet launched one? We are more than happy to think along with you. We offer a personal workshop in which you can draw up a marketing plan with confidence, in collaboration with us. Have you completed your plan and want to test it? No problem, a review session is scheduled in no time.


Funnel & Automation

Marketing automation is well beyond the hype and a commonly used marketing method. In B2B as well. Are you curious how marketing automation may work for you, what an automation flow looks like and how you can use it to generate high-quality leads? Sign up for a workshop.

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