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Splend B2B marketing voor IT

B2B marketing for the IT-sector

This is where a technical heart is pounding. We know a lot about IT, the cloud and the internet. We know how to make the right connections and understand how your service or product works. It is equally clear to us how we can best reach your target group.

Seven years ago, Michiel and Gaby started Splend. Both have earned their stripes in the IT sector. Gaby as a B2B marketer and Michiel as a system and network administrator, later becoming a product manager for a distributor. Now the team consists of 7 creative, headstrong and above all enthusiastic marketers.

Splend: everything under one roof

Marketing is a broad field. You may excel in marketing strategies and planning. You might be good at design and branding. Or maybe data is just your thing. You may be good at generating leads, organizing events or diving into WordPress or code and designing the right content for a website or app. Not to mention social media or developing a partner program that includes marketing activities for B2B resellers.

There is not one marketer who is good at everything, or who has time to do even half of the above tasks. Hiring an entire marketing team might be too much. That’s why you should choose Splend: this is where you’ll find all marketing expertise under one roof.

Splend creatief marketingbureau


Our working method

  • Brainstorming, strategy, planning and KPIs.. We take it from the beginning. With some savvy brainstorming sessions, together we’ll define your target audience, needs and strategy. If you’ve already done so, we’d love to hear what your plans and ideas are. Having done that, we’ll get to work right away.
  • So what do you need? We provide a realistic and above all achievable proposal: what do you need to achieve your KPIs? Absolutely anything is possible. We come up with the right mix of marketing activities for the best possible result.
  • Marketing activities. The team starts with the discussed activities. We like to keep lines of communication short, so you will be able to connect directly with the right expert. There is always someone who keeps an eye on the big picture for you.
  • Data analysis. We keep track of what our efforts bring about. Are we seeing more visitors on the website, and if so, what are they doing online? Is there anything we can tell regarding new leads? What are we seeing on social media, and did your event attract enough visitors? It’s all about the impact of our activities. By measuring, we also know if and how we need to adjust.



Marketing strategy

Splend will draw up a marketing strategy in collaboration with you, based on several brainstorms. We assess your organization, target group, value proposition and opportunities in the market.



Offer structurally relevant information. With strong and attractive content. That will make your brand an authority. After an interview and desk research we get to work straight away.


Marketing automation

Based on so-called personas and content, we establish a complete marketing automation script. Through emails or pop-ups on your website, content is offered to the target group.


Website development

The website is the showcase of your organization. This is where everything comes together. Your product or service, your knowledge and your image. Of course, the website must operate effectively as well.


Online conversion

Is the target group finding what they are looking for on your website? Are they clicking on different articles, signing up for an event or newsletter? Do they download a white paper or request information?



With an SEO Quickscan you’ll gain insight into your online findability and the areas of improvement for your website. Based on 3 pillars, Splend will perform a manual scan to check your website.



We organize (content based) events. We provide a fitting theme, a solid program and the right look and feel. Splend takes care of all your event organization needs.



A strong brand deserves a strong design. Together with you, we’ll look for a fitting identity. Whether it’s a logo, website, direct e-mails, an ebook or a printed report.



Are you wondering whether you’re on the right track, do you want to learn more about a particular marketing activity, would you like to become better at your job? Then our workshops and checks are right for you

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