B2B marketing for IT and tech

Great products, services and strong concepts deserve the right message. A healthy mix of marketing, communication, PR and design. We belong to the new generation of “techies”, gladly putting our skills and knowledge to work to reach and engage with your audience.

Content Marketing

With our vast knowledge of the Dutch digital infrastructure and hosting market, our background in tech and IT experience, we’ll transform your message to clear and comprehensible content for the target audience.

Marketing Automation

Our content is provided with great design before we put it on your website. With our automation tooling we keep track of conversion, and we adjust the content and our strategy accordingly.


We organise relevant (tech) events. We take care of a speaker program tailored to the event, make sure your budget is adequate through sponsor deals and we make sure you will have a large turnout by marketing your workshop, event or training.

Our clients

About us

We are data driven techies, creative marketeers and quirky entrepreneurs. Our technical mindset thrives when we can dive deep into subject matters. Whether it’s creating a report, blog, website, white paper, press release, event or video: we make sure your audience has access to the right information.

We have the right insights into the Dutch tech market and understand the IT behind your product or service. To reach the target audience efficiently, we make full use of our knowledge and marketing skills.  We are constantly looking for the best ways to optimise conversions and aim for the best results in number of downloads, number of shares or the number of registrations. Like to know more? Feel free to contact us.

Michiel Cazemier
Director R&D
+31 6 24155553
+31 30 7603322

Gaby Dam
Creative Director
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Wouter Pegtel
Content Specialist
+31 6 12582020
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Stefan Penders
Content Specialist

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Hanneke Israël

Hanneke Israël
Jr. Marketeer

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Sam Zondervan

Sam Zondervan
Graphic Designer

+31 30 7603322